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YOUR PERFECT MATCHYour Perfect Match: Nothing is prefect, however, there are some characteristics that you should look for in a potential partner that will help you find your soul mate and not just another failed relationship.

Do You Like the Way He/She Looks At You?
There are many reasons why a person might want to be with you.  Make sure it’s real.  Do they look you in your eyes from time to time?  Do you think that they like to look at you?  Every time they see you do they look down and avoid eye contact?  These are signs that they don’t like something about you.

It’s Not About The Money, It’s About Family Backgrounds? 
Allot of people think that socio-economic status is the most important thing to consider when finding a potential mate.  Money means nothing and family background means everything.  If you have always had a great relationship with your family and they have never had a family or anyone in their lives to show them how to love, chances are the two of you will clash later on in life.  You will have your views on family and life, and these views will run completely counter to theirs.  It won’t be impossible, just difficult.

Do The Two Of You Have Similar Life Goals? 
If you aspire to be president, and he/she thinks that you are joking or full of sh** every time you mention it, the relationship will never work.  You need someone who respects your dreams and at least has the vision to conjure dreams that are as big or as small as yours.

When You tell Him/Her that You MUST Do Something, Do They Help or Hinder? 
When you have personal or professional deadlines, do they help you meet them, or do they do any and everything in their power to disrupt you?  Or maybe they ignore your obligations and just focus on their own stuff.  You need someone in your corner that contributes to your success, not someone who distracts from it.

Do They Offer Help? 
When you are in a bind, do they offer help and/or assistance, or do you have to ask them to help you?  Do they make any attempts to make your life easier? Relationships are ultimately supposed to be about teamwork.  If the team doesn’t work well together then the relationship won’t work well either.

Do They Welcome Your Phone Calls?
If you have to wait around for him or her to call you, because you feel like you are bothering him/her, this is a problem.  You have to figure out if you are just insecure, or is there something about him/her that makes you feel like your calls are a bother.  This is important because if he/she makes you feel like that now, just imagine how bad it will feel 5 years from now.  You will either have to teach him/her how to handle your phone calls when he/she is busy, or consider the fact that it will only get worse, not better.

Is He/She a Liar?
I never condone snooping.  It wastes time and can be dangerous.  But I do recommend that when a story hits your ears that doesn’t sound or feel right, check it out.  It is important that you find out if your potential mate is a liar before it is too late.  After you are in love with someone, you will damn-near accept any lie they feed to you.  So find out early.  If they prove to be a liar early on, nothing will ever change.  So keep it moving.

Does He/She Try to Make You Feel Small? 
There is no room in relationships for insults.  The world is cruel enough on a day-to-day basis.  Two people in-like with each other should treat each other with kindness and respect.  It may seem funny and cute at first, but eventually someone’s feelings will end up hurt.  To end up in an endearing relationship the two of you should not make fun of each other.  Your job, your paycheck, and your interactions with the employees at drive through windows are cruel enough.  Build a relationship based off of respect and kindness.

Is He/She Willing to Try New Things? 
Inevitably the two of you will have different interests.  Is your partner willing to try the things that you like and go to the events that you want to or have to go to? If not, 5 years will go by and you will be attending all of your office functions, concerts, and lectures by yourself because you have always allowed him/her not to go.  It may not bother you early on, but eventually it will.

What Do Your Family & Friends Think of Him/Her?
People underestimate this one.  There are very few people in the world that truly have your best interests at heart.  Some of us have our family, and some have our friends.  These are the people who honestly want you to be happy and encounter  much success.  With this said, you should value their opinion.  If they cannot stand your person, find out why.  This doesn’t mean that you should dump him or her; it just means that you should consider whatever it is that they see as a problem.  Store the information in the back of your mind and see if their thoughts and feelings have merit.

It’s tough to find love, but this guide should give you some things to think about and consider.  There’s nothing worse than falling in love with an a**-hole that you thought had potential to be something bigger and better.

After you are sure the person is who you are looking for, full speed ahead.  Just remember that if you really like someone, show them.  The two of you should go get tested for HIV and other STDs together.  When the results come back negative, celebrate.  It may be tough to wait that long, but I promise that it’ll be worth the wait!

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