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 Sex with out a condom

When you don’t want to use a condom anymore, the level of intimacy that the two of you can reach will be greater than if you have sex with a stranger.  Sex is more enjoyable when it is with someone that you care about. When you have only one sex partner, and both of you are proven not to have HIV or an STD, and you and your partner are only having sex with each other, this is the ultimate form of Safer Sex.

This is Safer Sex because, if you choose to have sex with only one partner, and you and IF your partner are both STD/HIV-free, and your partner is only having sex with you, the two of you can remain relatively safe from STDs and HIV.

When the two of you decide that you are going to commit to each other sexually, then you should hold a celebration.  Celebrate your commitment by going to the doctor together.  Both of you should get tested for HIV and STDs.  When you get your results back, whether good or bad, show them to your partner.  If one of you has an STD or even HIV, ask your doctor to explain how the two of you can have a sex life without putting anyone at risk for contracting the STD.  If you are both STD and HIV-free, then ask the doctor to explain the different ways to prevent pregnancy without using condoms.

You must use condoms up until the point that: 1) you both know that the other partner is STD & HIV-Free, and  2) that you have BOTH committed to only have sex with each other.

Once you have put some form of birth control into place, the two of you can safely begin to have Safer Sex without condoms.  You are both STD-free, and you both know it.  It is much easier to have a good sex life when you are not worried about catching anything while you are having sex. If you follow the plan I have outlined, you will not be afraid of getting an STD or even having an unintended pregnancy.  But if you stop using condoms before you see your partner’s STD-free papers and if you do not have a plan for birth control, then you are still at risk of contracting a disease, even though it may not feel like it.