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WHAT TURNS WOMEN ON? - ACTIVATING HER SEXUAL RESPONSE CYCLEWhat turns women on, there are a number of things that can activate a Woman’s Sexual response cycle, but you have to keep in mind that every woman is different.  What turns on one person’s sexual response cycle, might not turn on another person’s cycle.

If you are a woman with a decreased sex drive, try to figure out what turns you on visually.  Some people are turned off by the vision of a naked body, others are turned on by it.  Pay attention to what visual sights make you feel sexy.  Maybe it’s a romantic movie, a beautiful woman, a handsome man, the sight of strong hands, or even a tub of water.  If your partner has a decreased sex drive, then ask them what sights turn them on, if they tell you that they do not know, pay attention and try to figure it out.  Use these sights to help set the mood for intimate situations.  If pornographic movies get you going, do not be afraid to use them as primers to initiate your sexual response cycle.

Figure out what sounds bring you goose bumps, relax you, and make your clitoris jump.  Sounds & scents are sometimes subtle.  It might be a favorite song, instrument, or even your lover’s voice.  Do you like it when he/she talks dirty, says certain phrases, or makes a particular noise?  Let him or her know.  What about scents?  Well, there are obviously certain scents that will shut the cycle down pretty quickly like poor hygiene and bad breath, but think about the scents that get you excited.  Is it a cologne or perfume, body odor, scented candles, fruit, or cookies?

Find out want your partner likes and does not like.  You would be surprised to note how quickly a sexual response cycle can be off-roaded by a scent or sound that your partner does not like. This includes soaps, deodorants, perfumes, shampoo, and anything else that you might be wearing.

Unfortunately, some women have experienced traumatic situations which have made it difficult for her to experience pleasure during sexual situations.  If this capacity is not there, she will not have much of a sex drive because it will be hard for her cycle to become activated.  If this is the case, I suggest that you or your partner find a qualified sex therapist in your area.  AASECT can help you find a sexologist in your area.

If a woman is afraid, it will be difficult for her to activate and to complete her sexual response cycle.  Fear can present itself in a variety of forms.  She might have fear that her body is unattractive, that she might get pregnant, that you might not respect her, that she might catch an STD, that you might be cheating, fear of pain, or even fear that the she left the iron on.  Any form of genuine fear can disrupt the cycle.

Find out what her fears are.  Does she feel overweight?  Let her know that she is attractive and extremely sexy in your eyes.  Does she think you are cheating or that you might have an STD?  Fear is common and a natural part of life, learn how to calm and confront your fears and your partner’s fears, it will improve your sexual life tremendously.

Unless pain is an attribute that activates her sexual response cycle, it usually disrupts the cycle.  This can be emotional pain or physical pain.  Many women have unresolved childhood molestation or sexual assault issues which lead to apprehension and disruption of the sexual response cycle.  If she experiences chronic pain or is mourning the loss of someone close to her, this can and will disrupt the cycle.

Pain leads to apprehension and anxiety.  You will have to learn how to ease your pain or your partner’s pain.  Meditation, counseling, and soothing moments can help a loved one deal with physical and emotional pain.  Help your partner through the pain.  Do not assume that you know how to help, ask her what will help.  The two of you will grow closer and it might help enable her to activate the sexual response cycle.  Once you understand how her sexual response cycle works, you will better be able to disrupt any roadblocks that might be present in her cycle.