What a Guy’s Pet Tells You About Him

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Pets And Compatibility? Veterinarian Dr. Karen Halligan joins The Doctors to discuss the complexities of dating and what a guy’s pet tells you about him.  One thing that surprised me was when she said that men who have fat and out of shape dogs, tend to be lazy and kind of dull.  All this time I thought it was a sign of generosity.  He likes to see his pet fat, happy, and satisfied…which all seemed like a win to me.  Someone who might like nice dinners, enjoy home cooked meals, and be generous with the gifts, my kind’ve guy!!  I guess she meant we should look for one who perhaps runs and bikes with his dog, takes him everywhere, and both he and the dog are in shape.

But look out!  Some of those can be visually stunning but way more into the dog than he’s into you…I have a very good doctor friend that comes to mind : ))

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