Season 7 of The Doctors!!

The Doctors Season 7

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So let’s have some fun and do some good this season. We want you to help us teach the world how to be selfless versus hateful, here’s the recipe.

Plan to do great things, get a partner to record you doing them, Upload your videos to Facebook, twitter, youtube, or Instagram, and hashtag #SMOCK (Simple Moments of Contagious Kindness). We will spread a love virus of the purest variety. Let’s show the world how good it feels to do good in your hood!!

Life should feel great and we want to help you make it that way. Dr. Travis has a new cookbook so he will share some of his deliciously healthy recipes with you. On Fridays I’m bringing you The Dr’s deals: shopping discounts only available to our viewers, it’s the perfect place to shop for gifts (and for yourself-smiley)! Let’s keep in touch this season. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook, so we can continue to share and swap stories. Welcome to Season 7 of The Doctors!!

#SMOCK it out the park!! : )