Season 7 of The Doctors!!

The Doctors Season 7

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I am sooo excited about season 7!! First, let’s talk hair… I received so much feedback last year, some good and some bad about my hair. Some comments were brutal and some were eloquently stated. The comments were a mismash of nice and rude, but they all seemed to have a few key things in common, you all wanted to see me in different hairstyles. So in season 7, I am giving you just that! Although there is a huge part of me that wonders, ‘are they really ready for this?’

Honestly, I’ve always wanted to be appreciated and respected for my knowledge, personality, character, and style; wearing my hair down has always seemed counterproductive to that. I thought it to be flashy, distracting from my purpose, blonde, and in my opinion, too much. But, I am adjusting, and have found a whole new me!! The only caveat, with a few shakes of the head, I have morphed from the cute, funny, respectable doctor, to the ‘HOTT DOC,’ and honestly I am not sure I’m ready lol.

I tell my friends, family, and patients at least once a day ‘change is good!’ So now, I am living what I speak and on a daily basis I adjust to my own personal change. One of the viewers told me the other day, ‘Rachael is that you!?! Oh my God, you look like a different person!’ Do I really? Is that a good thing? A different person, really!? Geez

So now that we have my hair out the way, lets talk Doctors!!! This year we plan to make you laugh, cry, and learn something each day you spend with us. I have met some of the most amazing people this season, and sharing their stories with the audience is the absolute favorite part of my day. These stories will come into your life with perfect timing. Right when you think your struggle is too much, we will remind you that 1) you are never alone 2) there is always hope and 3) that things could always be worse.