To Be Bald Down There or Not To Be? That is the Question.

To Be Bald Down There or Not To Be? That is the Question

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Once all the hair has been removed, so is your natural cushion that was designed to decrease friction when you are having sex with another person.  You have removed your first line of defense from harmful bacteria and viruses.  You have made an area that was already sensitive, even more sensitive, and you have increased your risks of contracting sexually transmitted infections, viruses, skin infections, and even HIV.  You have made your genitals into a very vulnerable area of your body.

There are some upsides to having no hair down there.  Survey data indicates that women who opt to go completely bare have more oral sex performed on them than women with pubic hair.  But, before you rush to shave in an attempt to get your partner to gown on you more, I have an even better suggestion.  Trim your triangular bush low, shave or wax the edges so that the triangle is neat, and then take your hands and gently hold open the lips of your vagina.  Look your partner in the eye and say ‘taste it,’ ‘lick it,’ or ‘suck it.’

My solution will keep your vagina healthier and I BET you will get your wish each and every time! : )

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