To Be Bald Down There or Not To Be? That is the Question.

To Be Bald Down There or Not To Be? That is the Question

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To Be Bald Down There or Not To Be? That is the Question

Waxing and shaving is in.  Each day, millions of men and women pay $35-$50 (hopefully a trained aesthetician) to remove every strand of pubic hair from their pubic mound, genitals, anal cleft, and anus.  Some opt to wax at home, and others take a razor or depilatory cream and use it to do the exact same thing.  The end goal: completely bald genitals.

The widespread trend is fairly recent and increased as porn became more popular.  Porn actresses remove all the hair from their vagina, the camera zooms in for a close-up, and we have a complete and open view of all the juice, fluids, and skin necessary to keep the consumers for needing to use any piece of their imagination.  Porn strips the need to imagine and fantasize.   As a result, bald genitals are now considered by the majority to be both sexy and attractive.

Watching and enjoying bald genitals brainwashed the country into thinking that a completely bald vagina, is healthier and cleaner; when in fact, the complete opposite is true.  Each time a strand of hair is ripped out of the skin, an open pore or a sore remains.  Each time a razor scrapes across the skin to cut a piece of hair as low as possible, a small cut or abrasion remains.  This assault on the skin happens repeatedly in an area that is exposed all day long to sweat, heat, yeast, bacteria, and most importantly, other peoples vaginal and seminal fluids.  For many women, hair removal leaves razor bumps, itching skin, and irritation…all things that will completely zap her desire to be intimate or sexual for at least 2-5days.

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