Time to Snoop – Things are Not Always What They Seem

Table of Contents

DO THEY AVOID ALLOWING YOU TO COME OVER TO THEIR HOUSE? When the Two of You Meet For A Rendezvous In His/Her Town, Is It Always At a Hotel?  If you are going to visit him/her and they ALWAYS want to meet in the hotel.  You should wonder why they do not want you to come spend time at their house or apartment.  The same can be said if he/she ALWAYS wants to meet out of town.  What are they hiding?

WHAT HAPPENS DURING THE HOLIDAYS? Do They Make An Effort to Arrange Visits For Important Holidays & Events, Or Do They Make Excuses?  If they do not spend time with you during holidays and special occasions, you should wonder whom they are really spending that time with. CONTINUE TO GET TESTED HIV Checks Every Six Months: The Number One reason for Black women between the ages of 25-44 to die is AIDS.  We don’t get strangled, shot, or bludgeoned, we f*** ourselves into oblivion.  So the both of you should schedule checks as a ritual part of the relationship, it’s only fair. DOES YOUR PARTNER MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO SEE YOU AND FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THEM? Does He/She Make a True Effort to See You or Do They Make Lots of Excuses?  How often do they make attempts to see you?  If he/she is REALLY into you they should make time to visit.  If they do not make arrangement to see you, you should wonder why.

This list is designed to open your mind to the possibility that things are not always what they seem.  You must go out of your way to protect yourself.  Go with your gut feelings and the rest will fall into place.