Time to Snoop – Things are Not Always What They Seem

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DO YOU KNOW OR HAVE ACCESS TO THEIR HOME NUMBER OR ADDRESS? In the age of mobile phones some people simply do not have a home phone.  Oftentimes however the person really has a home phone but does not want you to have the number.  Do a little research. Call information and see if they are listed.  If so, he/she has a home phone, but for some reason they do not want you to have it.  You should certainly wonder why.

A YEAR LONG RELATIONSHIP THAT IS LONG DISTANCE, IS ONLY A 30DAY ONE.  ALWAYS Protect Yourself: When you are in a relationship where you see someone on an average of four days a month, that leaves 26 days each month for that person to do whatever it is that pleases them.  That is too much time.  Ask yourself on a scale of 1-10 how much do you trust this person?  If you score a 7 or less, make sure you protect yourself.  Even if you have been together for a year (which is really just 30 days if you count the days the two of you have been together), you should still protect yourself.  Your partner should respect you for that. Don’t play yourself!  Women have an arsenal of things to protect themselves with.  See our section on the female condom, a protective lining for your vagina, you cannot beat that!  Fellas you have to use condoms EVERY time.  Men report that when their female partner uses a female condom, the experience feels like it’s raw . . .ask her to try one.