Time to Snoop – Things are Not Always What They Seem

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SOMETIMES IT’S WORTH IT TO SNOOP AROUND A BIT! Instinct is everything.  If it feels like they are cheating because something doesn’t feel right, then it’s not . . .period.

ARE YOU TWO ON THE SAME PAGE? Make sure that both of you are looking for the same things.  Is one of you into it for the weekend rendezvous and the other for the long haul?  Figure it out early or else you will waste a lot of time and energy.  Twelve months of a long distance relationship is really only about sixty days if you guys average two visits per month.  It is really only thirty days if you average one visit per month.  Time flies when distance is involved.

WHAT DO YOU WANT OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP? Decide early on what you are looking for.  If you are looking for a long-term commitment then one of you will have to relocate at some point.  Will you move or will the other person move?  If neither one of you ever wants to relocate, how will it work?

WHERE DOES YOUR PARTNER SPEND THEIR FREE TIME? In long distance relationships it is very easy for one person to maintain relationships with other people.  Ask lots of questions.  If the answers don’t make sense, you are probably onto something.

ARE THEY ALWAYS INVOLVED IN LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS? This should be a red flag.  Anytime someone specifically searches for long distance relationships, it is usually because long-distance fits into their lifestyle better.  They do not have to see the person very often which makes it easier for them to be involved in things like: other relationships, same-sex relationships, marriages, isolation, and underground secret lives.  People, who have one long-distance relationship after the other generally LIKE the fact that their significant other is thousands of miles away, find out why.