Thinking About Having Sex With Some One You Dont Know

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Thinking About Having Sex With Some One You Dont Know

Thinking About Having Sex With Some One You Dont KnowThinking About Having Sex With Some One You Dont Know: What you have to realize is that sex is a two-person event.  So even if you know yourself it is just as important and sometimes even more important that you know your partner.  In order to truly be ready to have sex with someone, you should have had an open conversation with them about sex. Who were their past sex partners?  How many people have they had sex with?  What do they expect from you sexually?  What do you expect from them sexually?  These are all very important conversation items.  If you are too embarrassed to talk about these subjects, then chances are you are not ready to have sex.

How long have you known your soon-to-be partner?  Have you met their family?  Have you met their friends?  If you have not met either their family or their friends, chances are this is not someone that you should be having sex with.  Why haven’t they introduced you to their family and friends?  It is important that you know as much as possible about the person.  After all, you are a, Princess, Prince, King, or a Queen, and as such you must be a detective to find out whether or not to the person that you are thinking about having sex with is worthy of you.

Trust is also an important issue.  Do you trust the person?  Has the person lied to you before?  Do you have reason to believe that this person has sex with a number of different people?  As a Princess, Prince, King, or Queen, it is important that you trust this person.  As I mentioned before there is no such thing as safe sex.  There is safer sex and safeless sex.  Safer Sex consists of having protected sex with someone that you know, love, and trust.  If you cannot trust your partner then you cannot be sure that the person will not take the condom off in the middle of sex, sleep with other people behind your back, intentionally give you STDs, try to get you pregnant, or even run around and tell all of his or her friends that you had sex with them.

Remember, kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses, have a lot to lose and must be very careful.  Since you are so important to the world and yourself, you have to be very careful.  Being careful means that you must know your potential partner.  Once you realize that this person does not care about you like they should, is not trustworthy, and that you should not have sex with them, it is important that you follow your instinct and cross them off the list.  You need to wait a while, because this is not the ONE!!!