The Safest Way to Go Down on a Person

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The Safest Way to Go Down on a Person

The Safest Way to Go Down on a PersonThe Safest Way to Go Down on a Person: Below, I have listed some things that will decrease your risk of contracting HIV or an oral STD from either eating someone out or giving blowjobs.

Oral Sex is something that should be taken seriously.  The same STDs that you can get on your private parts, can also occur in your mouth and throat.  If you decide to do it, here are some things that you can do to decrease your risk of getting HIV or an STD in your mouth.

1) If you have your tongue pierced, make the person show you the papers from their doctor saying that they do not have any STDs or HIV.

2) If you feel that you cannot wait for the person to show you their STD-Free papers, then use a condom or a dental dam to create a barrier between the open wound in your tongue and the vaginal fluids &/or sperm.

3) Even if you do not have a hole in your mouth, consider using a condom or some other form of barrier.

4) Do Not allow the person to cum in your mouth.  Sperm and vaginal fluids can carry HIV and other STDs.

5) Do Not brush your teeth or floss before oral sex. Brushing and flossing can cause small cuts in your mouth and gums that you can not see.   These cuts can be portals where HIV and other viruses can enter your bloodstream.

6) Do Not eat rough foods or suck on hard candy before you do it.  These foods can also cause small cuts on your mouth and gums.

7) Do Not chew or bite on your partner’s genitals. This can cause open bleeding sores and will increase your risk of getting HIV/AIDS.

A study conducted almost 10 years ago (1995) showed that of teenage boys ages 15-19, 49% had received oral sex, 39% had given oral sex, 53% had been given a hand job by a teenage girl, and 11% had enagaged in anal sex.  If those were the statistics then, imagine what they are now!!!