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THE NO-NOS OF ORAL SEXTHE NO-NOS OF ORAL SEX: The following is a list of things that you should not do before or during oral sex.  Each item listed will put you at an increased risk for the transmission of HIV/AIDS and other STDs.

NOTE: If you have a tongue piercing, it is not a good idea to have oral sex with anyone that has not shown you their STD-Free papers (verification from their doctor that they do not have any STDs or HIV).  There is nothing less attractive, or more uncomfortable then an infected tongue.

  • Do not let the person cum in your mouth.
  • Do not brush &/or floss before oral sex.  This will open up your gums and it will be easy for HIV and STDs to enter your bloodstream.
  • Do not eat peppermint and spearmint products. This can open up the pores in your mouth and it will be easier for HIV and STDs to enter your blood.
  • Do not suck on hard candy before performing oral sex.  The candy will leave small cuts in your mouth and HIV and STDs can enter these cuts very easily.
  • Do not nibble and bite on another person’s genitals.  They might bleed and you will have a mouth full of their blood.
  • Do not Eat a woman out while she is on her period.  You will be exposed to menstrual blood and blood carries a higher concentration of the HIV virus than regular vaginal fluids.
  • Do not expose your piercings to sperm or vaginal fluids.  Your piercings are open wounds and are sites that can easily become infected.

If the woman that you are with is pregnant, do not suck on her breasts.  If you suck hard enough, breast milk will come out.  Breast milk carries a lot of HIV.  If some comes out do not panic, just spit it out.