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SEATED MISSIONARY Sit between her legs, with her knees bent, while keeping your legs spread wide. Ease yourself into her vagina by wriggling toward her and leaning forward. You cannot thrust much but this is compensated for by direct penetration.

THE PINWHEEL This one is enjoyable for her because it stimulates the side of her vaginal walls, something she normally doesn’t feel. Insert yourself into your partner in the missionary position, but lie across her pelvis, slightly askew, while still supporting your weight on your elbows.

WOMAN ON TOP-LEANING BACK She gently lies back until she’s lying down between your legs. Both of your heads are in opposite directions.  Either one of you will be able to caress her clitoris for added stimulation. When her knees ache, she can straighten them without interrupting the flow. An interesting variation of this is when she’s on top facing away: As before she lies backward gently, until she’s lying on top of your chest. This lets you stroke her clitoris and breasts.

Start fully inserted, with her facing you in a riding position. Clasp your hands in hers and move them out to the sides of your bodies. Then she lies back between your legs, which should be adjusted so that they “scissor” each other. Slow, leisurely wriggling movements will provide enough stimulation to make up for the lack of thrusting power. This position will allow you to hit a lot of uncharted territory.

  1. Maximize The Sensation:  Once the G-Spot has been located, squeeze you PC Muscle.  This is the same muscle that you use to make sure that you don’t urinate on yourself in urgent situations.  This is a powerful muscle and when you contract it you will enhance the pleasure that comes with G-Spot stimulation.
  2. What Will It Feel Like? You will know that you or your partner is in the right spot when you start to feel a tingling sensation, an urge to pee, and an increased arousal level.  It might be so intense that you feel as if you will pass out.  The key is to allow yourself to enjoy the feeling.  Do not tense up, let it go.
  3. Let it Go!  If you let go and relax, you will begin to feel like you have to pee.  This scares a lot of women and they abort mission.  Relax, you will not pee.  If you hang in there, you will have a plentiful watery orgasm, your eyes will roll into the back of your head, and you will savor the moment.

Happy Hunting!!