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First, know that it probably won’t be like it is on television.  The likelihood of pleasant music and fireworks is not great.  Your first time can often be awkward.  The fumbling, uncertainty, fear, and insecurity that surround the event may be enough to make your first time less than memorable.

How your first time feels depends on who you do it with.  If you let some random person who does not care about you, have sex with you, chances are you will feel used and confused about your first time.  Whether you wait until you get married or not to have sex, sex is supposed to be with someone you love and care about.

Sometimes, women have trouble deciding which one is worse: the first time or the day after the first time.  There are often mental as well as physical issues after the first time for both men and women.  Guilt, shame, disappointment, and fear are just a few of the common feelings that you may experience.  If you are a young lady, the next day your vagina may feel sore and you may notice a small amount of fluid leaking out on to your panties.  If you are a male then your penis may be sore.  If either of you have allowed the person to penetrate your anus (butt hole), your anus might also be sore.

Hopefully you used a condom.  If you did not, don’t beat yourself up, but make a pact with yourself to always use one from now on.  If you are afraid that you might have gotten pregnant, go to your local drugstore and ask your pharmacist for Emergency Contraception.  If you are worried about STDs, make an appointment to see your family physician or to go to the local health department for testing.

If you are a young lady, once you begin to have sex, you must visit your doctor once a year for an exam of your vagina.  This yearly exam will help to make sure you are disease free and that you do not have cervical cancer.

Whether you are a guy or a girl, you should immediately get tested for HIV and all other STDs and make sure that you know the HIV and STD status of all potential sexual partners.  For any and all new partners, make a date to go to the health department and get tested together before your first sexual encounter.  Make a pact with yourself and your friends to remain HIV-Free.