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THE CORRECT WAY TO USE CONDOMSTHE CORRECT WAY TO USE CONDOMS: Well, you may be in the group of us that use condoms sometimes or even most of the time, and because of this, you might really feel that you are 100% protected.  But you are not!!  Consistent, (meaning all the time), and correct use of condoms provides THE BEST means of reducing the risk of STD and HIV transmission.  Of course, this information is for sexually active people.  The ABSOLUTE BEST way to protect yourself is to abstain from having sex.  Abstaining is just a fancy way of saying not having sex at all.

The fact is, you can decrease your risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, getting pregnant, or contracting an STD, if you use condoms all the time and you use them properly.  Consistent and Correct Condom Use is defined by the Center’s for Disease Control as:

  1.  Use a new condom after each act of intercourse
  2. Handling the condom carefully to avoid damage from fingernails, teeth, and other sharp objects
  3. Putting on the condom after the penis is erect and before any contact with your partner’s penis, vagina, or anus
  4. Making sure that no air is trapped in the tip of the condom by squeezing the tip as you put it on the penis
  5. Making sure that there is enough lubrication during intercourse- you can do this by keeping a bottle of KY jelly or another form of water-based lubricant close by.
  6. Using ONLY water based lubricant with the condom.  No Vaseline , lotion, or hair grease.
  7. Holding the condom firmly against the base of the penis during withdrawal and withdraw while the penis is still erect to prevent slippage.

Please be consistent and correct with your condoms!  First step, is to go buy some.