Tell Your Employer About Medical Conditions?

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Should You Tell Your Employer About Medical Conditions? When is the right time to inform your employer about a medical condition?  D you have to?  Well, first and foremost, it is against the law for employers to ask about your health status and use it against you, but there are certain times when sharing your health status with your doctor might actually be beneficial to you.  If your health is going to interfere with your performance, a kind and thoughtful boss might be understanding.  Imagine a patient with narcolepsy.  Since narcoleptic patients have excessive daytime sleepiness, if he/she is caught napping on the job, the boss will be understanding and also legally bound NOT to fire the patient because of their health status.

So, should you tell  your employer about medical conditions?  It depends, if you think that if your employer knows it will help both of you, why not tell them?  But in no way are you bound by law to keep your employer up to date on your health issues, because sadly, bosses gossip just like the rest of us.  So pick and choose.  It is however common courtesy to let your employer know when you will potentially need time off to deal with your medical condition.  If you tell your employer in a timely fashion, it gives them time to properly train another individual in your absence, and will preserve your employer’s fondness for you.  So I suggest you feel it out.  Each boss is different and certainly each medical condition is too!

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