Success Day #2 – Plan To Look Fantastic!!

by Dr. Rachael

by Dr. Rachael

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Sure, what’s inside is very important, but when it comes to reaching your personal success pinnacle, face it, how you look on the outside is pretty d*mn important.  So take time to look fabulous!! #30DaySuccessChallenge

What you wear and the way you look affects the way you think, the way you act, and the way you feel.

It’s not just me saying it, your personal style also has a huge impact on the way others react or respond to you.

1)  A study in the American Economic Review found that women who wear make-up can earn more than 30 percent more in pay than their non makeup wearing co-workers.
2)  Yale University found that people considered to be ‘pretty’ can on an average earn 5% more money than their ‘unpretty’ counterparts.
3)  Cleveland State University found that people who exercise three or more times a week earn almost $80/week more than their not-so-active coworkers.
Even our kids aren’t immune, a study found that teachers made assumptions about children’s academic ability and intelligence based on their clothing.

You Feel & Act Successful When You Dress the Part.

Enclothed Cognition is the study of how what your wear effects how you think.  Scientists at Northwestern University found that if you wear a white coat that you think belongs to a doctor, your ability to focus and pay attention increases dramatically.  However, if you wear that same white coat and think that it belongs to a painter, your ability to focus does not improve.

Don’t be discouraged!!  I’m here to help.  The #30DaySuccessChallenge can help you move through the science without getting stuck.  How you feel on the inside impacts how you look on the outside and vice versa.  So welcome to Day #2!!

Trust Me, This is Extremely Important!

Consider those days when your hair has gleam, you smell great, your outfit makes a statement, and your lipgloss pops…Compliments in the hallway, ‘have you lost some weight?!?’ ‘wow!  Where’s the party?’  In the bathroom you double take, ‘geez I look kind’ve good today!’  You have a meeting at work, and you rush to share all of your brilliant ideas and people take notice.  Your boss even acknowledges how fantastic your ideas are.  After work, you look and feel sooo great, and for once you don’t want to head straight home to your favorite house-clothes, so instead you decide to stop by the store after work, you’ve reapplied your gloss and you feel like smiling.  Passerby’s nod and interested parties speak…this is your world!!!

You feel so energized that you head home, take care of home matters, and start working on your side hustle. (A side hustle is what you daydream about.  You cannot find true success without a side hustle…that’s wear your heart is!)

Then there’s one more piece to this, you feel sexy when you look great.  It’s been a while since you two were intimate, guess what??  Today you even have energy for that!

It never fails, you spent the necessary time to look great and it pays off!  Now let’s rewind and consider a typical day of being blasé.  You give yourself 40minutes to get dressed, your hair isn’t quite right because you didn’t feel like wrapping it up last night, you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear, so you throw your hair back into a pony, you put on the first thing you see in the closet, and bam!  You are out the door.

Now let’s envision what today will be like… You arrive to the meeting a little late.  It’s a bad hair day so when it comes time to reveal all your brilliant ideas, instead of speaking up, you shrink into your seat and hope that no one notices your bad hair day.  You even convince yourself that Sheila was looking at your hair and probably noticed product buildup.  You are feeling so down about yourself that you don’t even feel like you have any great ideas today.  So you say absolutely nothing.  On break, you head to the bathroom, UGHH you don’t even want to look at yourself.  You cannot WAIT to get home to your house clothes.  You feel so incredibly tired.  You arrive home exhausted and irritable, your person is energized, came home early, and wants to play….you apologize for being tired and moody, make an excuse, and are off to bed early.

How you look not only effects how you feel, but it also effects how the universe feels about you!  Whether you are headed to run errands, travel across country, to work, class, to your business, or to visit friends, take time to look as good as you possibly can.

A few things that happen if you spend most days looking a mess:

1)  You get passed over for that promotion
2)  The love of your life might walk right past you and not notice you.
3)  You will continue to feel exhausted
4)  It makes it increasingly difficult to chase your dreams down
5)  You feel less compelled to exercise
6)  Your dreams start to seem impossible

Don’t let sartorial laziness be your roadblock to your success.
So, today and every day of the challenge, Feel Yourself!!  Look great daily.  Feel free to leave comments and ask questions below.  Don’t forget to make time for your 30mins of cardio, I will see you tomorrow for SuccessDay#3!

Article by

Rachael L. Ross
MD, PhDAs a family doctor and a sexologist.

Dr. Rachael Ross has been heralded as “The next Dr. Ruth, the nationally renowned sexual therapist who pioneered frank sex talk.” Chicago Tribune. Dr. Rachael earned her M.D. from Meharry Medical College and her Ph.D. from the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists, along with a B.A. from Vanderbilt University, where she studied anthropology.

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