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There are a number of things that you can do to increase your interest or your partner’s interest in sex.  Just remember, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it!!!

1) Try different positions.  If you cannot think of any new ones, go to the adult bookstore and buy a book of positions.  They usually have Karma Sutra in the title.

2)  Choose new locations.  Be risque about the places you choose.  Do not get arrested, but public places always spice things up, do it with the curtains open and imagine that people are watching.  These types of situations will get the adrenaline pumping and the sex will be intense as a result of it.

3)  Do not be afraid to use props like vibrators or any other sexual aids.  Vibrators can do what humans cannot.  If she has a favorite vibrator, don’t hate on it, bring it in with you guys.  Have her tell you where to put it, and how she likes it.


4)  Start taking baths or showers together.  This is a way for the two of you to become comfortable being naked around each other.  Tell her she looks good! She might think that she is too fat, or too skinny.  Let her know that she’s sexy.  The only way she’ll know that you think she is, is if you tell her!!!  Plus, the two of you might rub up against each other in that perfect way.  Before you know it, it’ll be on and poppin’!!!

5)  After a long day, give her a massage or rub her feet.  Make sure that you use some form of oil because there is nothing worse than a dry massage.  This will relax her and possibly get her into the mood.  Don’t assume that just because you give her a massage, that you will get some.  If she is exhausted from a long day, let her rest.  Tomorrow when she is not tired, she will remember how thoughtful you were and that might put her in the mood.

6)  Buy a book of erotica.  Erotica is another name for classy sex stories.  These books are usually comprised of a bunch of short stories about sex.  Read these stories to each other. instead of watching television, take turns reading stories to each other. The words jump off the pages, move from your lips, and to her ears.  You will be surprised to note how exciting it can be to hear your partner reading about other people’s sex-capades.  Damn!!!

7)  Can she appreciate pornographic videos?  Some women are disgusted by them, but a lot of women get turned on when they watch pornos.  But you have to find out what kind she likes.  She might find certain scenes to be offensive.  If you pick a movie that disgusts her, there goes the moment!!!

8)  Spend a day without arguing!  A woman’s sex drive is connected to her thoughts and feelings.  If she is edgy and in a bad mood, chances are she will not want to have sex with you.  Instead of debating every point, let her be right for once, and she just might come onto you.

9)  Play a game.  Begin to tell a story where you create a character and a setting and the two of you take turns developing the plot.  When it comes to your part, add story lines that you think will turn her on, she will follow her lead.

10)  Bring out the video camera.  Use the camera to role play.  Make her feel sexy by pretending that she’s at an audition to be in a pornographic movie.  Turn the camera on and watch the games begin!

11) Encourage her to exercise!  All of our sex drives are based around testosterone.  Women and men have to have it in order to feel sexual.  Exercise will increase her testosterone and she will feel more like having sex.  Plus most women start to feel more desirable as they begin to tighten and tone.
12) Role Play.  How about she’s a prostitute and you are her client.  Get permission to call her a bitch. . .she just might like it.

Most important here is the art of communication.  You have to find out what your partner likes, and start there!!!!