So Youve Been Dumped

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So Youve Been Dumped

So You’ve Been Dumped

So Youve Been Dumped: I’m sorry that it didn’t work out., and I know that you feel down and out, but you have to pick yourself up and keep it moving.  Do not let your ex control this situation and dictate your level of happiness.

Since they made the choice to break it off, you have to make your feelings your only priority at this time.  Let them know that the relationship has ended and so have all of the wonderful benefits.

These benefits should include booty-calls, text messages, late night conversations, oral sex, and emergency rescue missions.  Do not rush to answer their calls, texts, or emails.  Once they break it off, you will be tempted to remind them of how great the sex was.   Do not give them the privilege of sexual favors.  Your feelings for the person will intensify and your ex will be back to business as usual.  Sex will not change a thing.

To make it through these hard times you have to realize that you are special and it’s his/her loss and certainly not yours.  They did not deserve you anyway.

If you have trouble moving on and your ex begins to string you along with hope that you will reunite, take drastic measures.  Block his/her text messages and emails, change your phone number, or block theirs.   Letting go is difficult, but you have to create a sense of closure in your mind.  If you cut them off completely, it will be easier for you to move on with your life.

Do things to keep yourself and your mind busy.  Take up a new hobby.  Now is the perfect time to take that photography class that you read about in the local newspaper. You will never meet anyone new if you sit around and mope.  Get out and meet people, and do not be afraid to go by yourself.   Maybe you have some paper-work that has piled up.  Take this time to organize your life and to prepare yourself for this new chapter of your expansive existence.  Continue to remind yourself that you deserve better and that you must not chase someone who does not want to be with you.

WE ARE JUST TAKING A “BREAK” If this breakup is just a “break”, this may also be a difficult time for you.  Do your best to let your ex have their time to do what he/she says they need to do.  Keep in mind that during this “break” period, he/she might decide to make the “break” permanent.  So do not spend the majority of the “break” period daydreaming about the day you two will get back together.  Frankly, the break may become a permanent separation.

Do not to call or text frequently to ask if it is time for you all to get back together.  You will seem desperate and your ex will feel as if they can have you back whenever they want to.  Make your ex miss you.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Down the line, if you both intend to get back together, make it clear to your ex the things that you refuse to put up with.  If this person truly loves you, they will do whatever it takes to make sure you two are able to rebuild your relationship after the “break”.  However, make sure you use the “break” to explore other options.  Who knows you may find someone better.