So Fresh & So Clean

Table of Contents

7)   If you notice that you sweat a lot throughout the day, don’t be afraid to go to the bathroom and use either a baby wipe, feminine wipe, or even soap and water to freshen up.

8)   If your vagina has a fishy odor, it might be an infection.  If you start to notice an odor that will not go away, even after you have washed yourself, see your doctor immediately.

9)  If you are on your period,  make sure you keep extra tampons or maxi-pads with you at all times.  The blood from your period will not smell until it flows out of your body, so tampons usually do not hold an odor as much as maxi-pads do.  Change them both frequently.  Keep in mind, if you can smell it, so can everyone else.

10) If you wear maxi-pads, keep baby wipes or feminine wipes with you to tidy yourself up in between pad changes.

11) Don’t be afraid to bring a change of panties with you.  If you know you might sweat a lot, or that you are on your period, bring a change of panties.  Be prepared for the worst.