So Fresh & So Clean

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So Fresh & So CleanSo Fresh & So Clean . . . Keeping yourself clean and fresh is very important and it gets harder and harder as the summer approaches.   Here are some tips:

1)   Keep your pubic hair trimmed low because when it is very long it will hold onto bacteria, sweat, and odors.  Don’t shave it off completely, because when your vagina is bald, it is much easier for you to pick up an infection.

2)   When you wash, pull open the labia majora or outer lips, and run the washcloth along the inside and outside of inner lips, the labia minora (outer lips).

3)   If you are plus size it is important to take baths periodically because it will be difficult to reach all of the important areas standing up in the shower.

4)   Avoid douching because it can dry your vagina out and wash away some of the good stuff that is meant to be there.

5)   For some women, soap is too irritating to the vagina.  For these women I recommend a mild feminine wash.

6)   If you sweat a lot, open your legs and place a small amount of antiperspirant in the area where your thighs meet your triangle patch of hair.  Place a small amount in your pubic hair and rub it in.  Make sure that you don’t rub any on the inside of your vagina.  Antiperspirants take a while to kick into action.  Take your shower at night and put the antiperspirant on right after your shower.  It will be activated and ready to go in the morning.