Signs of a Cheat

Signs of a Cheat

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Signs of a Cheat? Cheating is a serious matter.  Not because it makes us mad, hurts our feelings, and makes us doubt ourselves, but because it is dangerous.  Cheating takes many different forms, but the most dangerous type is when you think that you are only having sex with one person, when in actuality, that person is engaged in sexual activity with others.

Throughout our lifetimes, most of us will have been on both sides of the fence.  We have cheated and we will have been cheated on.  It’s Karma. . .What goes around, comes around.  But, it is important to keep in mind that your survival instincts have been designed to alert you when danger is near.  So, if you honestly think something is not right, chances are, IT’S NOT!!!!

I have listed some questions to ask and to pay attention to.  Ultimately, this list of questions should not be used as a checklist for cheaters.  If some of the questions match your situation, do not panic. T he questions should be used to supplement your gut feelings about the situation. If you have doubts about whether or not they are being honest with you, go with that feeling.

If you get that feeling, regardless of what they tell you, ALWAYS USE CONDOMS!!!  Because your instincts will do a much better job at protecting you from HIV/AIDS and various other STDs, than your lying partner will.

Signs of a Cheat

1)   Does your mate constantly talk about breaking up when you fight or argue?
2)   Has your mate started buying you gifts — lots of gifts?  Or have they been real generous with their money?
3)   Does your mate’s behavior cause a gut feeling in you that something isn’t right?
4)   Does your mate frequently picks fights with you? This gives him or her an excuse to get mad, storm out, and meet up with a lover
5)   Is your mate more attentive to your needs than usual?  Do they go through greater efforts to please you than they normally do?
6)   Is he or she very upbeat and excited when they leave you but acts sad and depressed when around you?
7)   Has your mate stopped talking to you?
8)   Does everything you do seem to irritate him/her?
9)   Has your mate started to criticize things about you that he or she once found to be attractive and appealing?
10) Does your mate accuse you of cheating but has absolutely no reason to?
11) Does your mate get offended when you ask normal and natural questions?
12) Has your mate’s taste in music suddenly changed?  This is a sign that he/she has picked up new musical likes from a new playmate.
13) Has your mate’s sleeping patterns changed? Are they really tired and or restless, but have no reason to be?  Some of those late work nights might really be late night rendezvous.
14) Many people seem to think that a sign of cheating is a partner’s lacking interest in sex.  This is not true.  Early on in an affair, the cheating partner usually wants to have sex more often and wants to have it in new and fancy ways.

According to our polls, most partners will not be 100% honest with you.  So you owe it to yourself to protect yourself!!!  If it seems like something is not right, use some of your built-in detective habits to uncover the truth!