Should I Get Breast Implants

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Should I Get Breast Implants

Should I Get Breast ImplantsDear Dr. Rachael,
I have always had really tiny breast and I have always wanted bigger ones!  My new boyfriend has just offered to buy me some breast implants.  Do you think I should get them?

Well, of course I cannot tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, all I can do is keep you informed of the pros and the cons associated with breast implants.


-Did you know that almost 70% of all breast implants leak to some extent?
-Just like all surgeries where you are put to sleep, once you go tot sleep, there’s a chance that you won’t wake up.
-Some people scar terribly.  You might be one of these people
-If you are still dating, some men and women find breast implants to be a sexual turnoff.
-Some women report that they developed immune disorders after getting implants.
-If thy leak or become lumpy, in order to fix them, you will have to have another surgery.
-Pain, pain, and more pain!

-After 3-6 months of bruising, you’ll look great in your swimming suit!
-You might meet more people at the grocery store.
-If your breasts are visibly two different sizes, you can work with your surgeon to make them the same size.
-You can get up to 2 weeks off from work in order to recover!

If you decide that breast implants are for you, keep these things in mind:
1) Make sure that the surgeon you use is a member of the ASPS The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  This will mean that he/she is board certified in plastic surgery.
2) Ask to see some before and after pictures.  Then make sure to ask if they were his/her patients
3) Talk to people who have them, would they do it again?
4) Ask the surgeon to tell you exactly how he will perform the operation.  Where exactly will he be cutting?
5) Get a supportive friend in your corner because you will need help during your recovery period.
6) If you are concerned about scarring, ask your surgeon to cut in your arm pit or enter through your belly button.

I hope this has helped! The average cost of breast implants is $3500.00, if the surgeon offers you a price much less than that, it will be appropriate for you to wonder why.   For more information, visit, or