SEX During pregnancy – Can’t He Just Wait 9 Months?

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I Don’t Feel Like it, So My Partner Should Just Wait Until I Do.

Despite all of the morning sickness, the swelling, and the mood swings, I encourage pregnant women to have SEX During pregnancy with and remain intimate with their partners.  Sex is an important part of any romantic relationship, and sex helps cement feelings of closeness and connectedness.  Without sex and intimacy, there will be disconnect, crushed egos, resentment, and anger.

Nine months is a long time to wait.  So in order to maintain harmony in your relationship, one of the best places to start is through orgasm.  During orgasm, both of you will have a release in oxytocin which is a chemical that will make you feel closer to each other.  Pregnancy is the number one time that women get cheated on, so it’s worth it to pay attention not just to your own needs, but also to the needs of your partner.

Is It Even Safe To Have Sex While Pregnant?
You should never compromise your health for any reason, so you must check with your doctor.  However, if you do not have a high risk pregnancy, and you have not had any complications during your pregnancy, chances are, it is OK for you to have sex.  Some doctors recommend that you stop the week before your due date, but most doctors just tell you to, “enjoy yourself.”

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