Saying No is Hard, These Tips Will Make it Easier

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Saying No is Hard, These Tips Will Make it Easier


Saying No is Hard, These Tips Will Make it EasierSaying No is Hard, These Tips Will Make it Easier: It is hard to say no but it is very important for you to learn how to do it.  You should not have sex with everyone that you are attracted to, and you should not have sex if you are not ready.  So we will go over some tips that you can use when that moment arises.

1) First I would like for you to practice.  Look into the mirror and say, “No, I do not want to have sex.”  Once you have said it and you have seen yourself say it, it will be easier for you to say it the next time.
2) Once you tell someone that you do not want to have sex with them, you should prepare yourself for objections to and questions about your decision.  But you have to stay true to yourself, do not smile, look in their eyes and say to them a second and louder time, “No, I do not want to have sex!!!”
3) Explain to the person why you choose not to have sex.  Let them know all of your reasons and let them know that you are proud of each and every reason.

Many people will laugh at your decision not to have sex.  They will say that you act young, they will say that they never want to speak to you again, they might even call you names.  Just remember, that you are SPECIAL, and you have to treat yourself as such.  Kings, Queens, and Princesses are very selective.  They save themselves for other SPECIAL PEOPLE and SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES.

I have to pause right here to speak to all of you that have had sex before.  I want you to know that just because you have had sex before, that does not mean that you have to have it again.  At any given moment, you can decide that you would like to abstain from having sex (not have sex) until you find that perfect person.  Do not let anyone bully you into thinking that just because you have had sex with someone before that you need to do it again.

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