Protect My Kids From Sexual Predators

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Protect My Kids From Sexual Predators

Protect My Kids From Sexual PredatorsThe best way to protect your child is to pay attention!!!  If you pay attention, you can recognize grooming behavior.  Pay attention to the people in their lives.  Kids have to be protected by adults, usually from other adults, because they do not have the intuition that adults have, so they are sometimes unable to detect danger.

I encourage parents to know all of your kids coaches, teachers, youth group leaders, youth-ministers, pastors, parents of their friends, and any other adults that they are in contact with.  I also encourage you to consider any and everyone a possible child molester.  Do not assume a person is beyond such activity just because they are ordained, rich, a relative, a good friend, or for any other reason.

Research all of the day-care and school settings that you consider enrolling your children in.  The best way to recognize grooming behavior is to pay attention to your child and the people in your child’s life. Make unannounced visits, ask questions, stay involved, and PAY ATTENTION!!

You should also talk to your kids.  They should be taught how to recognize grooming behavior. You have to tell them not to let any adults touch them; and teach them to trust you with their problems. The safest kid is the one who feels comfortable talking to his or her parents about anything.

Remember that kids have voices.  They need to and deserve to be heard!!!