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ERECTIONS PROBLEMS – practice makes perfect

I will take you through a list of possible reasons why a man might have erectile difficulties.  Erectile difficulties can be when a man cums or ejaculates too early, when he isn’t able to stay hard long, or when he is not able to get hard at all.

One reason for this might be Sexual Deprivation.  Sexual deprivation is when a man does not have any sexual outlets.  His penis gets startled by how good the sex act actually is, and he either ejaculates quickly or cannot stay hard because he is anxious or nervous.

I do not mention sexual deprivation to suggest that a man should always have a sex partner.  But sex is just like any other sport.  You have to practice.  If a man is going to be sexually active, he should practice at home by masturbating.  If you practice at home, then you will not be shocked by how good it feels.  As a result, you will then be able to hold an erection for a longer period of time.

Since you will practice Safer Sex when you are with a partner (you will be wearing a condom), when you practice for sex, you should also masturbate with a condom on. So do not be afraid to use a condom while you masturbate.  It will actually reduce the aftermath clean up, and you will get used to what it feels like to have one on. You will be accustomed to how it feels and it will help you resist all temptation to remove it.

A man also will cum very quickly if he has been hard for a long time.  Think of the penis like an arm.  Attempt to hold your arms straight out in front of you for 30 mins and then try to play ball, you will barely be able to dribble down the court, let alone slam anything.  Penetrative sex is the same way.

The average time from when a man penetrates to the time he ejaculates is 10 minutes.  He won’t even be able to last 10 minutes if he has been hard for a long time.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage if your partner tells you that you last too long.  Stay involved in foreplay for a longer amount of time and your erection will grow tired. So once penetration finally occurs, you will cum quicker. This way you will not wear out your welcome with your partner.

Everyone seems to think that bigger is better.  Well, if the penis is too long it may make it hard for the man to have a really strong stiff erection.

To understand this, you have to return to the physiology of an erection.  In a really long penis the blood has much further to travel than in a short or average sized penis.  Since the blood flow is what makes a penis hard, the blood does not get to where it needs to go, and the man may have a floppy erection instead of a strong one.

If the penis is long and he is having trouble maintaining a strong erection, a good solution to the problem would be to invest in a cock ring.

Every now and then if a man is dealing with issues of guilt, pain, sadness, stress, or anxiety, he might have trouble maintaining an erection.

Men and women really aren’t that different.  If a man is sensitive enough, has a conscious, and or is stressed out, his thoughts can have a profound effect on his capabilities to have and to maintain an erection.

People tend to think that men can get hard and stay hard at the drop of a hat.  The fact is that thoughts and feelings can interrupt anyone’s sexual response cycle.  That’s 100% normal.