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During this time, your womb is rather small, so most positions will work.  Some good ones to try are:

Pregnant Partner:  Lay flat on your back with your legs out-stretched in front of you.  Bend your legs so that you plant your feet on the bed.  The male slides under your legs and lays on his side facing you.  He enters you while your legs bent.  If you catch a leg cramp, let him know.  Squeeze your vagina muscles tightly to help him to come quicker.
Non-Pregnant Partner:  Once you are inside of her, pause for a moment, while you both savor the feeling.  Move in and out slowly and then begin to move in a swirling pattern.  Ask her if she is OK and gradually increase your speed as you and your partner see fit.   Use your free hand to play with her clitoris and/or her nipples.  Just remember her nipples are sensitive and she might not want you to touch them.  Pay attention!  When in doubt, simply ask her.  If you do this right, tomorrow she will be tapping you on your shoulder for more!

Pregnant Partner:  Lay flat on your back with your legs hanging down off the edge of the bed.  Depending on his height, he will enter you either from a standing position or from a kneeling position.  Prop your head up on a pillow if it gets too hard to breathe.
Non Pregnant-Partner:  When you put yourself inside of her, angle your penis upward so it can rub across the top of her vagina.  This way you will increase your chances of hitting her G-SPOT.  As always, do not forget to play with her clitoris and/or her nipples.  You want her to feel like you are having sex with the whole person and not just her vagina.

SEX DURING THE SECOND TRIMESTER (3 months to 6 months)
Pregnant Partner:  There are many different riding positions that the two of you can try.  Riding positions work well because the woman controls how deep his penis penetrates inside of her.   Ride him while he sits in his favorite spot on the couch, while he lays flat, or even while he reclines in the bath-tub.  As your womb grows, face away from your partner during the seated riding escapades.  You don’t want your other half to hit him in the face.
Non-Pregnant Partner:  When she rides you, it is important to let her guide the situation.  Do not get so carried away that you start giving her more than she can handle.  If you are not sure, you should ask.

Pregnant Partner:  Stand facing the wall.  With your palms spread, place them on the wall like you are being frisked by the police.  Spread your legs apart, push your a** out, and he will know exactly how you want it.  If your arms get tired, use your elbows to lean against the wall.
Non-Pregnant Partner:  When you have her in this position, you might be tempted to bang away, but you need to be gentle.  If you put too much force from behind, her womb might bang up against the wall.  Use your free hand to caress her stomach, play with her clitoris, or stimulate her nipples.

SEX DURING THE THIRD TRIMESTER (6 months to 9 months)
Pregnant Partner: You both lay facing the same direction.  Your a** is nestled in his pelvis area.  He puts his penis in from behind.  This position is great because it does not require a lot of effort on your part.  You can just lay back and relax.
Non-Pregnant Partner:  Enter from the rear and wrap your free arm around her waist and play with her clitoris.  Do not forget to caress her stomach and let her know that you are making love to the whole family.  This will assure her that you feel completely attracted to her.

Pregnant Partner:  Lay on your knees with your forearms and head on the mattress.  This position will protect your womb and allow for nice and deep penetration.  If your hairstyle is an issue, don t forget your scarf.
Non-Pregnant Partner:  Be careful with this one because you might have a tendency to get carried away.  Drive slow and let her set the pace.  The good news is that women find this position to be fairly comfortable.  If she catches a muscle cramp, be prepared to work it out!