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If you never had Penetration at it’s finest well do you remember this?  Prince sang about it and the smoothest of lovers have perfected it. LOVE TO THE NINES.  When used properly NINES can send any couple to a place that they have never been.  The NINES will take you straight to that post-orgasm place that we all dream about.

  1. Choose a position where the male is in the dominant position.  The male must be in a dominant position because he will control the rhythm and the deep and shallow thrusts.
  2. The secret to THE NINES is in the pattern of shallow to deep strokes.
  3. First use the head of your penis to penetrate the vagina NINE TIMES. Even though it will be tempting to penetrate deeply, resist the urge and just do nine shallow strokes.  After nine strokes she will almost beg you for the deep one, so after the ninth shallow stroke, go deep into her vagina. . .ONLY ONCE.  Stay inside of her vagina for a moment and then withdraw. You have completed the first of nine sets.
  4. The next cycle you must make EIGHT shallow strokes and TWO deep strokes. . .then SEVEN shallow strokes and THREE deep strokes.
    • 9 deep strokes and 1 shallow
    • 8 deep strokes and 2 shallow
    • 7 deep strokes and 3 shallow
    • 6 deep strokes and 4 shallow
    • 5 deep strokes and 5 shallow
    • 4 deep strokes and 6 shallow
    • 3 deep strokes and 7 shallow
    • 2 deep strokes and 8 shallow
    • 1 deep strokes and 9 shallow
  5. The first few times that you do the NINES, neither one of you will make it through the complete cycle without orgasm.  It is quite an overwhelming feeling.  So prepare for intensity!
  6. The male determines the rhythm that the NINES takes place, but more success will be had if you use a slow pace.
  7. When you withdraw your penis from her vagina, her vagina will automatically contract instinctively in an attempt to hold onto your penis.  This will allow her to anxiously anticipate and almost beg you for re-penetration.
  8. Continue subtracting shallow strokes and adding deep strokes until you reach the final set which consists of one shallow stroke and nine deep strokes.
  9. NINES consists of NINE sets of TEN strokes.
  10. NINES is perfect for a man who has problems with premature ejaculation or has a partner that wants him to penetrate her for long periods of time.  It will make her orgasm quicker and it will make him last longer.