Online Dating vs Online Fcking

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Online Dating vs Online Fcking

Online Dating vs Online FckingOnline Dating vs Online F*cking: According to a study published in the US journal Sexuality Research and Social Policy, one third of women who meet someone online have sex on the first date, and three quarters of these women do not use a condom.  Perhaps what is even more alarming is that 27% of women performed oral sex on the first date.  Yikes. . .My guess then is that most of those women did not in fact find their soul mate.

Online dating is a very tempting proposition.  No smoke-filled clubs, cheesy pick up lines, late nights, or spilled drinks; It seems perfect in theory: just profiles and pictures, emails and instant messaging, what could go wrong?  Internet dating has proven itself to be a quick way to meet someone with similar interests without the hassles associated with traditional dating.  But online dating has it’s own set of problems that you have to deal with.

There are so many online dating services that I can hardly keep them all straight.  Most of them seem to work the same way.  You pay anywhere from $10-$30 each month while a computer strategically matches you up with people who’s profiles meet your dating requirements.  None of these services do background checks to see if the information that potential dates provide is true, they just match you up with whatever information your potential date provides.  So you never know if the data on the person you think that you are matched with is actually true.  As a result, online dating can be dangerous and exhausting.  I have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts that will hopefully make your experience more fulfilling.  Plenty of love connections have been formed online, but there have also been plenty of disasters.

In the world of online dating and chat rooms, the name you choose is referred to as a handle.  This is the name you use to log in with and the name that identifies you.  Your handle will attract particular people based upon what you choose.  If you are serious about dating and are not simply searching for someone to have a great online sex life with, do not choose names that imply that you are a sex god or goddess.

If you choose handles like sexymama, hoochieloo, bigD, etc., you will attract people that are only looking for a good time.  So think about who you want your audience to be before you pick a something like SexyRed.


If you put your picture on any site there are a few things that you have to keep in mind: 1) Anyone can access your picture and download it for their own personal needs.  In certain cases you might end up seeing your picture on someone else’s site or even on someone else’s body, 2) If you are an attractive person you will have more hits than you will know what to do with and most of them will be useless.

Post a Profile Without a Picture: If you post your profile without adding a picture, at least you can weed out the illiterate and the shallow, because these people will never know what you have to offer because they only contact people with pictures posted.   If you get a match that sounds interesting, then you can send them a picture.

If you post your picture while searching for a person of the same sex, be aware that nosey heterosexual people peruse those sites too, you might be thrust out of the closet when an unsuspecting co-worker finds your picture on IMGAY.COM.  Your picture will identify you, but your profile will not.

Wait Until You Have Established a Working Email Connection Before You Send a Picture:  If your interests are based on appearance, you might wait until they send you a picture before you waste your time sending them one; after all, you might not like what you see.

Another frequent problem is that some people will send a picture from years ago, when they were pounds lighter or even before acne kicked in.  There is no room for dishonesty in any sort of relationship.  So do not try to deceive people.  If you send an inaccurate picture, just imagine how badly you will feel when they meet you and realize that the photo looks nothing like you.  That can end up being very embarrassing!!

A strategy that you can use to make sure that a photo is current is to ask the person to take a picture of themselves while they hold up the most current issue of their favorite magazine, you can do the same.  Do not believe it when someone tells you that they cannot get to a scanner, that they don’t have a camera, or that their phone does not have a camera. If you fall into that trap, and then meet the person, chances are you will be disappointed.  Require that a picture be sent before you continue correspondence.

This one may sound tough, But all you have to do is make this mistake once, after that, I guarantee that you will be cautious about who you give your number to.  Phone numbers are sacred and it is so inconvenient when you have to change them because you have acquired a brand new stalker.  Give your potential date an email address, your IM screen name, or use their telephone number to call them from your computer or with your number blocked.    If you want them to call you, give them your Yahoo, Skype, or Gmail contact information and a time to call you there.  That way, if you ever need to, it will be very easy to block their calls.   Do not fall for the trick of calling anyone collect.  If you call someone collect, your number will show up on their phone bill.  Your number will also appear if you call their 800 number.

This is the tough part.  We go through life and acquire a bunch of flashy things, a bunch of degrees, a great body, or whatever it may be, because we want to attract people to us.  It is oftentimes hard to put these things aside as we search for that perfect mate.  But, if you brag about all of your cars, your large house, or anything else for that matter, you will attract people that are attracted more to what you say you have, than they will be to you.

So keep this type of information to a minimum or you will attract a bunch of losers, gold diggers, or both, that are all on the take!!!  Now It is time to meet your online date.