My First Pap Smear

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My First Pap Smear


MMy First Pap Smeary First Pap Smear: Ladies, after the first time a man s penis enters your vagina, or you have sexual contact (grinding with no clothes on), or after the age of eighteen, you should go to your doctor for a gynecological exam.  Princesses, Queens and Kings value their bodies and their health.  The doctor will check you for different sexually transmitted diseases, screen you for cervical cancer, and talk to you about birth control.

Whether you realize it or not, cervical cancer is a form of sexually transmitted disease caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus).  Since the pap smear has been invented, the number of cervical cancer cases has declined significantly.


The first time you visit your doctor for a “woman’s exam” you will probably be a little nervous.  Well, I am going to walk you through what will be done during that office visit.

First, your doctor will have you get undressed. This is why it is very important that you be comfortable with your doctor.  If he or she makes you feel funny in any way, it is OK to switch to a doctor that you feel comfortable with.

If you are thinking about going on any form of birth control, your doctor will take a urine sample to make sure that you are not pregnant.  Starting hormonal birth control: (pills, patch, ring, or injection) while pregnant can lead to problems with the pregnancy.

This is also the perfect time to begin getting tested for HIV.  Tell your doctor that you want to be tested, or else he or she may assume that you do not want to.  Most offices draw blood from your arm for your HIV test.  A “Woman’s Exam,” typically has three parts: the breast exam, the pap smear and the pelvic exam.