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AMASTURBATION number of religious groups think that there is a lot wrong with masturbation. Under the concept that sex was not designed for pleasure, but that it was instead designed for the function of creating a baby. However, the fact will always remain that masturbation is the SAFEST form of sex available today.

Believe it or not, we come out of the womb masturbating. Male babies have penile erections and the clitoris of female babies can become engorged, this is 100% normal behavior. Pay attention to how preoccupied babies are with their genitals.  In our early years parents spend a lot of energy and time to make sure that we think masturbation is wrong.  They try to make sure that the chances to play in our pants are kept at a minimum.  Although some of us do it more than others, masturbation is something that we have all done, and many of us could stand to do a bit more often.  Masturbation can be used as a tool and/or an exercise in sexual health.

Masturbation is a hearty topic, so I will break it down into three sections, the pros and cons, and the how tos. From my experience it’s the ladies that need a little guidance. The fellas seem to be doing OK with it.


  1. Masturbation makes you feel like you are in control of your sexuality.  As such, you will feel sexier than ever once you realize that with a few good strokes or rubs, you can pleasure yourself.
  2.  Once you master the art of masturbation you will harness your ability to climax
  3. This is the safest form of sex.  You cannot get pregnant and if you do not share sex toys, then you cannot contract an STD or HIV.
  4. It helps you to know and understand what you like sexually.  This way you will be better able to communicate your desires and wishes to your partner.
  5. When you are scheduled to go out with someone that you are very attracted to, but that you do not want to have sex with, you can masturbate before you go out so that you will not be tempted to have sex on your date.  Don’t overdo it though.  If you stroke or rub yourself to hard, your genitals will be hypersensitive and your plan might backfire.
  6. You can do it quickly and in almost any private situation.  All you need is privacy, and you can pleasure yourself.  When the urge hits to do it in public places, think back to the Peewee Herman & George Michael scandal . . .don’t do that to yourself . . .THEY WILL ARREST YOU!!!


  1. 1) Masturbation is so pleasurable that you might find yourself addicted to it.  If you get in a situation where it is all you think about.  You have to go cold turkey (no pun intended) and stop for a week.  After you have weaned yourself off of the addiction, you can work your way back into it slowly.
  2. You can masturbate so much that the area will become raw.  This is dangerous for a number of reasons: 1) you will have open sores and cuts on your genitalia so when you go to have sex with someone it will be easier for you to get an STD or HIV because these sore open right into your blood stream.
  3. You may place your genitals in a hyper-excited state.  When you are at work and in other situations where sexual thoughts are inappropriate, your genitals may be super-sensitive so even a shift in your seat will turn you on.