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CRAWL BEFORE YOU WALK:  Initially when you pick out a toy, remember that you have to crawl before you can walk.  Vibrators come in different sizes, shapes, and speeds.  At first you should get something that comes with adjustable speeds: hi, med, & lo.  Otherwise your first experience will give you too much stimulation and your clitoris might feel as if it has a current of electricity flowing through it.  Start slow and work your way into it.

START SMALL & WORK YOUR WAY UP:  Try something small that you can use both on the surface of your clitoris and in your vagina.  They sell egg and bullet shaped vibrators that will make for perfect training-vibrators.  They are small enough to comfortable insert in your vagina, and at the same time they work great as clitoral stimulators.  They usually come attached to a remote control that allows you to adjust the speed from high to low.  The bad thing about these vibrators is that there is no handle for you to hold on to.  The vibrator slides around when you place it on the outside of your vagina.

THE MINI-MASSAGER IS THE WAY TO GO:  Another good training-vibrator is the mini-massager.  This is a tiny cylindrical unit that has three tiny balls at the end that oscillate and vibrate.  It is designed to massage the exterior of your vagina but some of these vibrators come with attachments that can be used for penetration. Make sure that you purchase and that allows you to control the speed.