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PLAY WITH IT TO MAKE IT FIRM:  As you play with your clitoris it will start to get firm.  This is a sign that physiology is taking over.  Your mind may not be turned on, but your vagina is getting there.

YOU HAVE TO CREATE YOUR OWN URGE:  One complaint that women voice is that they never feel like doing it.  Unlike men, women do not traditionally have overwhelming urges to satisfy themselves sexually.  Masturbation can be a useful tool, so I encourage women to do it even when the urge is not there.  It will help wake up your sleeping vagina, and it will honestly make you feel a little sexier.

FIND OUT WHAT TURNS YOU ON & USE IT:  Find materials to read, watch, or listen to that you find to be a turn on.  Some women find pornographic movies to be offensive, so begin with something simple.  All you need is something that will tickle the sexual parts of your mind.  Pick up a book of erotic, I recommend Black Erotique, a collection of erotic short stories.  Indulge in a round of phone sex with a partner.  Surf the Internet for scenes or stories that get you hott.  Maybe even watch some sex scenes from your favorite Rated R movies.  After your mind has been stimulated sexually, then practice your masturbation technique.

DON’T BE AFRAID TO GET SOME TOYS:  Purchase a toy to help you perfect the art.  There are a number of vibrators and ticklers that will help you reach a climax during masturbation.  If you cannot see yourself going to the adult bookstore to pick out a toy, buy online.  Most sites are very discrete and offer a wide variety of instruments.