It Happens But Could it Happed To You? Could He Really Be on the Down Low?

Could He Really Be on the Down Low

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7) The Two Of You Should Get Tested For HIV Every 6 Months. This is something that anyone who is sexually active should do and it is not just reserved for men that you believe to be on the down-low.

8) There is Nothing That You Can Do to Make Him Not Want To Have Sex With Other Men. You can do anal, you can even strap one on and do it to him, but if your guy is sexually attracted to other men, he will always be, and there is nothing that you can do about it. This does not mean that he cannot and will not be sexually attracted to you. However, if the two of you are in a monogamous relationship he should not be having sex with anyone besides you.

9) There is A Bunch Of Gray Area When it Comes To Sexual Attraction. Even though each person has a sexual template in their mind which determines their sexual preference, both men and women can and will find themselves attracted to members of the same sex from time to time. His and your sexual template is an image etched in the mind which depicts the ideal sex partner. This does not mean that an individual will not be sexually attracted to someone who does not fit this template. It does mean that if his or your template comes up and tries to holla’, it might be tough to pass up the proposal.

10) Always Use Protection For Oral and Anal Sex. Have an arsenal of protective options at your disposal. Give female condoms a try. They are perfect during those times when you are with a man that hates condoms. Put it in up to 8 hours ahead of time, and you’re ready for action.