It Happens But Could it Happed To You? Could He Really Be on the Down Low?

Could He Really Be on the Down Low

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1) Assume That Every Man Has the Potential To Have Sex With Another Man. So use protection with EVERYONE. . .no matter how big and strong he is.

Could He Really Be on the Down Low?

2) Create a Comfortable Arena For Discussion. Let him feel comfortable enough to share secret information with you. If every time you watch The Logo channel you cringe and make homophobic comments, he will never tell you.

3) Do Not Accuse. . . ASK. You should ask every man that you intend to be intimate with whether or not he has sex with men. Nine out of ten will not be honest, but at least you will have made an effort to become an informed consumer. If he knows that you are comfortable enough to ask, he might also assume that you will be comfortable enough to handle the truth.

4) Do Not Gossip. If a man shares with you a part of his hidden sex life, do not tell your girls, your mom, OR your hair dresser. What if he turns out to be the one? Can you imagine sitting at Christmas dinner with the family and they all know that your guy likes to have sex with other men? No, I didn’t think so. So keep your business to yourself!

5) If He Tells You, Be His Friend And His Lover. Ask questions about it and let him know that you care enough to make attempts to understand.

6) Pay Attention. If you feel in your soul that your guy is secretly having sex with men, then he probably is. Ask him about it. If he denies it and you still feel it, he is probably lying to you. A liar is much more dangerous than a man that likes to have sex with other men from time to time and is honest enough to tell you about it.