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IF YOU CHEAT, DO IT RIGHTLet’s face it, we live in a cheating society.  Most of us have either cheated, or been cheated on, and it just seems to be part of life.  But, the reality of the situation is that in this day and age it is dangerous to cheat.  It puts you and your significant other in danger. . .SERIOUS DANGER!!!

I’ve heard it all before. . .”we used protection,” “I had a rubber on,” “it was only once,” and on and on.  Obviously these people never read our section on herpes, genital warts, or Safer Sex.  If they had of, then they would know that condoms will not block everything.  Not only are some STDs passed just by touching the area, you have to keep in mind that condoms mess up just like we do!!

So, if you are gonna cheat, I am going to give you some tips to do it safely.  If you love your partner, you should want to protect them from yourself and the things that you might bring home.



  1. Have the person go down on you.  If this is all that they do, chances are you will not get an STD.
  2. Always look at the person’s genitals before you do anything with them.  You would be surprised at what you might see.
  3. Try not to have penis to vagina or penis to anus (butt-hole) sex with someone that you don’t know.  Penetration will make it very easy to catch something even if you have a condom on. (herpes & genital warts)
  4. If you must have penetration (which I suggest against), ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS put EXTRA water-based lubricant on the condom (like Wet or KY Jelly).
  5. Avoid prolonged sucking on a woman’s nipples.  If she is pregnant you might end up with a mouth full of milk.  Mom’s milk carries high volumes of HIV.
  6. If your genitals have been pierced, do not let their genitals come into contact with yours.  The piercing is a hole right into your blood stream.  It will be very easy for HIV and other STDs to creep through the hole.
  7. If you have a tongue ring and you go down, make sure there is a something that covers their genitals before you put your mouth down there.  That gaping hole in your mouth makes it VERY EASY for HIV and other viruses and bacteria to get into your blood.  Cover a vagina with a dental dam or saran wrap, and cover a penis with a condom.
  8. If you go down on the other person you can get STDs in your mouth.  So if this is not your lady or your guy, DON’T DO IT!!!
  9. If you have to have penetration during your excursion, please know the proper way to use a condom.
  10. Avoid long hours of sexual activity with the person you are cheating with.  The longer you or the other person stays in it, the easier it is to become infected.  See the section on Beatin’ it up, to read more.

These tips are designed to prevent you from bringing an unwanted and undeserved disease home to your loved one.  Of course the only full-proof way to protect yourself is to keep only one partner and to keep that ONE partner close to you.  You have to have written confirmation from their doctor that they do not have any STDs or HIV.  That’s only half the battle.  Then you must pay attention to signs and make sure that they aren’t messin’ around on the side.  Because if someone cheats on you, then you HAVE TO make them go back to the doctor and get re-tested to be sure that they do not have any newly acquired STDs.  It’s OK to forgive, but PLEASE don’t forget!!!!