How to Revive Your Sex Drive

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A woman’s sexual arousal is as much psychological as it physical.  It has allot do with how a woman feels and what she thinks.  So if she is afraid, mad, or experiencing pain, it may be difficult for her to experience arousal.

Female sexual dysfunction is not a disease.  It can be a number of things:  lost libido, lack of desire for intimacy, diminished sex drive, and or pain during sex.

43% of all women report that they have had some type of sexual dysfunction.  So if either you or your partner experiences any of these symptoms, neither one of you are alone.  There are some strategies that can be used to increase a woman’s sexual appetite.

The first rule of any type of couple related problem is communication.  If either you or your partner has a decreased sexual drive, you must talk about it.  If you are approaching a woman about the issue, do not use a problem approach, instead use a positive theme.

For example, instead of telling her, “Honey, we need to talk,” say, “I have a great idea for improving our sex life.”  Always try to approach sexual problems with a positive twist.
If either you or your partner experience pain during sex, then talk to your doctor about it.  After you have been sexually active for a while, painful intercourse should not be common.  If it is painful the woman’s vagina may have spasms (vaginismus), she might have an infection, or there may be an anatomic reason for the pain.  Either way, your doctor will be able to help with this problem.
Stress is a major cause of decreased sexual drives.  Help your lady learn how to effectively deal with stress.  Yoga, meditation, exercise, and nature hikes are all things that you can help you or your partner learn how to relax.

If you are experiencing a decreased sex drive, you have to take matters into your own hands.  First ask yourself, are you depressed?  Are you attracted to your sex partner?  Does your partner disgust you?  Do they make you mad?  If so, these are things that you will have to deal with on another level.  If you are depressed, go see your doctor, she can help you with depression.  If you are no longer attracted to him or her, is there anything that the two of you can do to rekindle the attraction?

I always tell women, if you do not use it, you will lose it.  As life goes on, we have periods where we are not interested in sexual activity, this is normal behavior.  However, if you let this get the best of you, it will be hard to climb out the slump.  If you don’t use it, you will lose it.

Even if you have no sex drive, I suggest you stimulate yourself.  Yes, you should masturbate.  This will awaken your vagina and remind it that sex feels good.  Eventually your vagina and your clitoris will wake up, and you will regain an interest in sex.  This technique is useful for women at every stage of their lives.  Begin with clitoral stimulation.  Buy a vibrator that is designed to stimulate the clitoris.  If you do not have a sex drive, at first the stimulation will not feel like much more than an intense tickle.  But as you practice, your vagina will start to moisten and you will go through the cycle of arousal.  This can help you deal with physical arousal problems, and it will wake your vagina up.