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REACH OUT AND TOUCH Things are so much easier when they do not have to happen in person.  Phone sex gives you the opportunity to use your voice and your imagination to get your partner hot.  It doesn’t take much effort.  Just say things that everyone wants to hear.  Do not tone it down, phone sex should be as X-Rated as possible.   The next time you two see each other, a passionate kiss will be all that’s needed to get it started.

THE STOMACH IS THE WAY TO ANYONE’S HEART Well, don’t fret if you can’t cook.  You just need an A for effort.  Boil some water, pop some popcorn, microwave a Lean Cuisine if you have to.  Just look really busy while you prep your snack in a G-string and some stilettos.  When something falls on the floor, do not stoop to pick it up, hesitate and show them what you got.

When the two of you lie down to go to bed, give it a few minutes, and then crank up your vibrator, use the loudest one that you have.  Initiate the art of self-stimulation.  Wait another few minutes and place their hand on the vibrator.  If they are too far away, simply whisper, “Baby, make me cum. . .”