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If this is something you don’t usually do, they will get so excited you made the first move, that he/she might cum on themselve’s before you even get things good and ready.

TECHNIQUES SNEAK UP FROM BEHIND. This one is easy because you do not have to make eye contact to pull it off.  Come from behind, wrap you arms around them, find where their shirt ends, place the palms of your hands on the naval, and work your hands up.  Even men like to have their nipples stimulated. If you are tall enough, lick and kiss the back of the neck.  If your partner is taller than you are, raise the back of the shirt, lick, kiss, and nibble up, down, and side to side.  Breathe heavy, moan a little bit, and get into it.  Just doing it is not enough to turn them on, show them you want it!

DON’T BE AFRAID TO GET ON YOUR HANDS AND KNEES Yes, it’s sucha’ compromising position, but it is hott!  They want to watch TV, play Wii, read the newspaper, well that’s perfect.  Make your move to the floor.  Maybe you start out by just lounging next to the feet.  Move in closer and then go straight for the kill.  Use both hands to slide up their calves to that area behind the knee.  If their legs are exposed, use your tongue and your lips to move up.  Take your time, at the optimal moment, make that killer eye contact, and it’s time for dessert.  Undo the zipper or pull up her skirt.  There’s no turning back now!