HIV From Head?

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HIV From Head DrRachael.comIn terms of body fluids, Let’s go over which one’s have the highest of HIV in them. Since these fluids can have a lot of the virus in them, AVOID THEM!!!!

#1 Blood (Including period blood and blood from cuts)

#2 Semen (Sperm)

#3 Vaginal Fluid (Vagina Juices)

#4 Pre-Seminal Fluid (the fluid that comes out of a penis before a man cums)

#5 Breast Milk (You never know who is pregnant or who is not, so be careful when you are sucking on nipples!)

I will be honest with you.  In general, oral sex has less associated risk for the transmission of HIV than anal or vaginal intercourse.  While the risks associated with the transmission of HIV are reduced, you must keep in mind that you can contract gonorrhea, herpes, and hepatitis through oral sex.

In order for you to properly assess your personal risk of contracting HIV through oral sex, you must consider whether or not vaginal fluid, blood, breast milk, or semen will be present.

When you assess risk, ask yourself:

1) What fluid will be present? 2) Where will it be going ? 3) How long will the fluid be staying there ?

When it comes to HIV transmission, the skin in your mouth is much more protective than the skin in the vagina or the anus (butt hole).  Also, keep in mind that fluids cannot remain in the mouth; you either spit them out or swallow them.  When fluids are deposited in the anus or vagina, or when a man cums in these areas, they tend to sit there.  This is dangerous because the longer the fluids sit in your vagina or anus, the more likely you are to become infected.