Halloween Spice to Bring the Passion Back

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Halloween Spice to Bring the Passion Back

Halloween Spice to Bring the Passion BackHalloween Spice to Bring the Passion Back: Even though a lot of us dread the candy and the kids during Halloween, Halloween is actually the sexiest time of the year! For one day only, you can be whomever you please.

Now we have discussed the Art of Role-Play at length. Role-play will automatically breathe new-found excitement into a bland sex-life; however, I get a ton of emails asking, “Dr. Rachael, how do I initiate role-plays?”

Well guess what? Halloween makes it easy! Pick a sexy costume, let your partner know that the two of you need to dress up this year, and get to it.

The easiest way to convince your partner to dress up for Halloween is to find a party for the two of you to go to. If you find a costume party, you might be able to persuade him/her to participate.

Even if your partner opts out of the masquerade, you have to stay strong and dress to impress! Once you have picked your costume, muster up the confidence and attitude to match your persona; then I want you to sit back, relax, and let the games begin!

The key to successful role-play is that you have to believe you are that person and stay in character the whole time. This is serious! Get all your laughs and giggles out ahead of time. Role-play on Halloween will set the tone for the two of you to do it more often.

Variety is in fact the spice of life; and if you use your already existent sex partner to quench your desire for variety, the sky is the limit!

You’re Under Arrest!  “Pull over dirt bag!”
Sexual favors will keep him out of jail.  What does he have to offer?

Your Wish Is My Command Master!
Do not argue today, it’s his world, you are the genie and he is your master! “Master, all I want to do is please you.”

I Will Be Your Waitress This Evening.
Loosen up those buttons and serve him up just right.

I’ve Never Done This Before Sir.
You are a schoolgirl and this is your first time. Let him convince you to do it, and show you how it’s done.  Play shy and meek.  Let him be a pervert.

There are so many costume options: dominatrix, biker, vampiress, super-hero. . .and they all come with their own built-in theatrics. Pick one and just do it!