Gonorrhea Can Infect Eyes

Gonorrhea Can Infect Eyes

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Gonorrhea Can Infect Eyes

Gonorrhea can infect eyes, mouth, heart and more. The symptoms of gonorrhea are similar to the symptoms of chlamydia. So doctors usually treat you for both if they suspect that you have one or the other.  There are other ways that gonorrhea can affect you.

Anyone who has had unprotected anal sex might have a rectal or butt-hole infection. Usually there are no symptoms. However, When symptoms are present, they include anal or rectal itching, discharge, and pain during bowel movements.

Anyone who has given head to or eaten someone out who has gonorrhea, is at risk for getting gonorrhea in their mouth.   When you get gonorrhea in your mouth and throat, there usually are not any symptoms. If present, symptoms include soreness and redness in the mouth or throat. This usually goes undiagnosed, but your doctor can test the area to see if gonorrhea is the cause of those symptoms.

If someone cums in your eye, or you get some of their fluids in your eye, you can also get gonorrhea in the eye.  Symptoms of gonorrhea of the eye include redness, itching, and puss draining from the eye.


If gonorrhea is untreated, there are many serious things that can happen.   About 1% of men and women with gonorrhea may develop gonococcal arthritis. This happens because the gonorrhea gets into your bloodstream and it can affect your joints, your heart, and your skin.  This is called Dissemenated Gonoccocal Infection (DGI).

Symptoms of DGI include:
1) Fever
2) Painful swelling of joints (arthritis)
3) Infection of the heart, and infection of the membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord (meningitis).

Once the doctor knows that you have DGI, it can be successfully treated using antibiotics.  It is amazing to think that something that starts with a few minutes of passion, can end up causing death or lead to very serious infections.