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CondomFORGOT THE CONDOM? YOU CAN STILL BE SAFER.  No one’s perfect and every now and then everyone slips up.  We can only hope and pray that the person we slip up with doesn’t have anything.  Since AIDS is the number 1 killer of minorities between the ages of 25-44, you should make it a point not to slip up often, but every now and then it MIGHT be OK.  Just know that you will be playing Russian Roulette.

I have made a list of tips that will decrease your risk of catching anything when you hit it or are being hit-off raw.

  1. Get In And Get Out: This is not the time for long drawn out sessions.  You’ve already started, so finish up quickly.Use Lubricant:  This is the best thing that you can do.  It will decrease friction and make it so that both of you tear less.  With less tears, there will be fewer places for viruses and disease to enter the blood stream.
  2. Do Not Cum Inside:  Don’t let anyone cum inside of you because their fluids will sit around on the inside for long periods of time.  It’s kinda like hot grease.  You want to get it off of you as soon as possible.
  3. After a While Switch to Oral Sex:  If the penetration part lasts for more than five minutes, switch to something that is as stimulating as penetrative sex, but less risky, like oral sex.
  4. After You Cum To Your Senses, Stop:  If in the middle it is making you uncomfortable that you have put yourself at risk, STOP.  That’s an OK decision, and probably the smartest one.
  5. Choose Positions With Shallow Penetration: If you are a woman, you do not want an uncovered penis to touch your cervix because it is very vulnerable to infection.  So choose positions where you are in control.  A good one is a riding position because you decide how deep it goes.  This same position is good for a penis in the butt hole.  Think Shallow penetration.
  6. Avoid Nipple Sucking:  If the woman that you are with happens to be pregnant and she is making milk, when you suck on her nipples, you will inevitably get a mouthful of milk.  Milk carries high concentrations of HIV, so NO vigorous sucking.  Try to lick instead.
  7. When Things Get Dry, Play With The Clitoris:  I must repeat the fact that dry sex is very prone to infection.  So if you do not have any lubricant, rub the clitoris to build up more moisture.  This is a key point.
  8. Anal Sex: The only advice I can give if you have unprotected anal sex is to use a lot of lubricant and PRAY REALLY HARD!!!
  9. Make Sure It Is Not That Time Of The Month:  Do not have unprotected sex while on your period.  Your cervix is more likely to pick up an infection, and that’s just too much blood!!  Blood dries up and crusts over, and dried blood will make a penis or dildo tear the walls.  Instead of him or her gliding in and out, they will periodically snag parts of the vaginal walls.
  10. Opt For an Erotic Massage:  With a little practice and skill, you can make yourself and/or your partner come with just the stroke of your hand.

The Key to Safer Condom-Less Sex is