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FOOD TO GET YOU IN THE MOODFOOD TO GET YOU IN THE MOOD: One of the main questions that people ask is, “How can I get my partner to be more into sex?” Well, this is a tough one, because the response really and truly depends on the partner.  But there are some edible Aphrodisiacs that I can recommend that might tickle his or her taste buds. Some Words of Caution: use these tips at your own risk, gear up for a positive response, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, practice Safer Sex!!



BANANAS: Their phallic shape allows sensual chefs the opportunity to entice their seductee. Try a Banana-split with whipped cream, nuts, chocolate sauce, and your own special flavor of ice cream.
PEACHES: Besides the name sounding like it has something to do with sex, in ancient Chinese practices, peaches have been known to allow the sex drive to climb to Ninja-like heights. Pick a peach that is firm and without spots. Either place it on the window-sill or in a brown paper bag until it is delectably ripe. Don’t slice it, the juices will escape. Feed it to your partner whole, and get creative with the juices.

PINE NUTS: These itty-bitty nuts have been used as aphrodisiacs since the hey-day of the Roman empire. The aroma from pine nuts has been known to tickle one’s senses into an awakened and aroused state. Make a delicious pesto dish. Put the pine nuts in a blender with a little garlic, salt, basil, olive oil, and pepper, and add some Parmesan cheese. Now you’re equipped with a topping for pasta or even flat bread, that will cause the fall of any great empire.

CHOCOLATE: OK, this is a given. Scientists have know for years that chocolate causes a release of endorphins, the happy hormones. But, the advice that I can give is, get creative or expensive with it. Splurge on a mini-box of Godiva chocolate, or even a jar of chocolate body spread.
ONIONS: You’re probably wondering how can smelly onions be an aphrodisiac? Well, in actuality, onions are one of the oldest-known edible aphrodisiacs. Take your partner out to a favorite Indian restaurant. The key is to make sure that both of you eat onions, if not, the aphrodisiac affects might be flooded by your breath.

CUCUMBERS: Not only do they look like glistening green phallus, they also have been shown to awaken a woman’s sense of smell and taste. Slice fresh cucumbers onto a salad, or just slice them and eat them alone. The cucumbers that you do not use, can double as instruments of pleasure.

MUSSELS: Everyone seems to think that oysters are the biggest aphrodisiac from the mollusk family. In fact, reports indicate that mussels carry more weight. Steam them in white wine add a little bit of garlic. Watch Out!!

So give a couple of these aphrodisiacs a shot. Let us know how they work out for you. In actuality, the best suggestion that I can give to get your partner in the mood, is to spend time talking to them to find out what they like. The key is that you then have to step up to the plate and Do IT.  Don’t be scared. There’s not a whole lotta science involved in that suggestion, huh?

Tell us which foods put you in the mood, and then share your list with your partner.  Who knows what you might find on the table this week for dessert! Contact Dr. Rachael