Five Ways to Use Condoms That Most People Have Never Thought Of

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Let’s face it, there are millions of women worldwide who know or suspect that their partner has other sexual partners. In some cultures it is the unmentioned understood component of the relationship. ‘He’ provides a little cash and stability and ‘she’ is so grateful for the time spent, that ‘she’ deals with his various infidelities and partner sharing is an unacknowledged ‘part of life.’

If you knowingly share your partner or even suspect that you do, this is a very dangerous position to be in and is one of the many reasons so many women are infected with HIV. If you feel as though they cheat, you need an insurance policy of sorts; you need a way to protect yourself from the unknown and condoms provide you with just that.

Female condoms can be placed in the vagina a few hours before the sex act and male condoms can be opened in the heat of passion. Using condoms with your partner says a number of things: I love myself more than you obviously love me, I know you are out there and I absolutely don’t want to catch anything, and when you become monogamous we can revisit this issue.



More and more women are looking to male friends and acquaintances for sperm donations. When you want to deliver or receive fresh sperm for home fertilization purposes, the condom is a great reservoir to deliver fresh live sperm.