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YOUR PERFECT SEXUAL FIT  Face Reading dates back to Ancient China where parents of both prospective partners did a huge amount of research before they allowed their children to be wed.  They used facial reading as one of the components of their selection process.

A perfect fit for penis and vagina is important.  The average length of a woman’s vagina is four inches from the entrance of the vagina to the entrance of the uterus.  With one inch for expansion and another inch added for good measure, the average total length is six inches.

Even though most men will boast otherwise, the average penis length is also six inches, a perfect fit.  The perfect penis or vagina is one that matches it’s partner perfectly.  You search for this type of perfection because it eliminates problems, increases the chances that both partners will be satisfied, and because it is healthier.

When women with short vaginas have sex with men who have long penises, the man will penetrate as far as he can, and problems arise.  The head of his penis will not only penetrate through the vaginal canal that is normal, but his penis will then penetrate through her inner cervical ring and into her uterus.  Even though this can be pleasurable for the man it is very unhealthy for the woman.

When a long penis enters into a short vagina and penetrates through her “inner ring” or her cervix, it ends up in her uterus.  The penis will bring infection, dirt, urine, and bacteria into the uterus. Since cervical cancer is a sexually transmitted disease, a man who penetrates a woman’s inner ring and enters her uterus will significantly increase her risk for cervical cancer.