Escape Plan – Get Away From You Abuser

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Escape Plan - Get Away From You AbuserAt some point you will decide it is time to leave, do you have a Escape Plan.  Here is a checklist for you to use that will help ensure a safe exit.

1)   Locate a safe place to go to that is available 24 hours a day
2)   Keep the telephone number of the safe place with you at all times
3)   Make sure that you have access to a phone
4)   If your safe place is a shelter, contact them ahead of time so that you will have access to information.
5)   Remove all of the weapons from your house.  You do not want either one of you to have access to these weapons.
6)   Go to the hardware store and make extra car and house keys.
7)   Figure out the quickest way for you to get out of the house.
8)   Keep important papers like birth certificates and account information packed.
9)   Keep cash available and hidden.
10) Make plans for where the kids will go so that they will remain safe.
11) Make plans for your pets because you do not want your pets’ safety to jeopardize your own.
12) Tell someone that you trust about your plans.
13) Make sure that your car always has gas.
14) Pack a suitcase with all of your personal things that you need.
15) Always be ready to call the police

If you or someone you know are victims, get help immediately.  The National Domestic Violence Hotline or call: 1-800-799-SAFE